Monday, May 4, 2009

Allow me to introduce. . .

. . .myself. I'm Cj. I know -- you're underwhelmed. Let me assure you, you have every right to be!

Rather than bore you with details about myself, I'll just state that I want to write. No, I'm not planning to be a great writer. . . I just want to write. Prose, pathos, dialog, narrative. . . maybe even a little poetry. Who knows? What you're reading here (on the very OUTSIDE chance that you've stumbled across my blog) is going to be my "test-bed."

If you plan to read-on, please promise one thing in return for the following promises to you. Hold me to my word! Don't back down! Call me on any dishonest writing. Don't worry about my feelings, just lay it on the line.

Now, for my promises:
  • I will do my best to be respectful to any persons, groups, cultures and ethnicities about which I may write.
  • I'll be impeccable with my words. In short, no BS, no condescension, no bigotry, etc.
  • All characters will be of my own creation. Any similarities. . . etc., ad-nauseum.
  • And I'll tell you right-here and now: gratuitous sex, gratuitous vulgarity, and gratuitous violence will never be a part of my repertoire. These are gimmicks sometimes used by lazy writers, and that's a fraternity I'd prefer to avoid. Don't misconstrue that to mean that there won't be any sex, profanity or violence in my writings. They'll be used when necessary to properly tell a story.
I guess, maybe, I'd better fill you in on a few details about myself. I'm a single gay man who works a 40 hour week. My mother lives with me . I'm a recovering alcoholic (5+ years, yay me!) and reformed smoker. I love to travel, although opportunity, financial ability and inclination seldom coincide. I love people and am a loyal friend. I do my very best to maintain a positive outlook. I'm a proud member of Unity Church. I have a close, personal relationship with the God of my understanding.

One last thing; writing is my dream. I've spent a lifetime telling myself that I couldn't do it, and I believed me. I've given-up my concerns about commercial success. I've given up the idea that I need for people to like my work, and me by association. My only goal, now, is for my writing to satisfy me. That will be my measure of success. In that respect, I'm already successfull, just by having posted this piece.


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  1. I am duly impressed thus far, and have blogrolled you. Carry on, mon amigo.