Tuesday, August 10, 2010

McCollum Ratchets Up the Rhetoric of Hate

Florida AG and Gubernatorial candidate, Bill McCollum, reached a new low on Monday. In a blatant attempt to "out-conservative" his opponent, Rick Scott (another detestable excuse for humanity), McCollum went on record as wanting to ban Florida LGBTs from the Foster Parent program.

After initially hedging on questions about the inconsistencies between Florida' gay adoption ban (which he is vigorously defending in court) and Florida's Foster Care laws, which allow LGBT adults to serve as Foster Parents, when pressed, he stated "I really do not think that we should have homosexuals guiding our children."

In reality, McCollum probably doesn't give two rips about whether LGBTs can Foster or adopt. It's pure political posturing, at the expense of thousands of Floridian children who have no home or parental figures at all. Despicable, Mr. McCollum. You're a political worm.

So, where does that leave Floridians in the voting booth?

Rick Scott, Republican, currently leading the polls. He's running on a platform of being a "political outsider" (never mind his political activism throughout his career, bending laws and buying politicians to suit his corporatist agenda). He's the epitome of the dishonest politician, yet he plays such a "nice, sensible guy" in his ads that he's won-over the right wing, and really captured the hearts of TeaBaggers.

Bill McCollum, Republican, Jeb Bush's errand boy and general political hack. Like Charlie Crist before him, he'll say and do anything, to anyone (as proven in his treatment of Florida's children) in order to further his political goals.

Alex Sink, Democrat, leading the Democratic polls, leading McCollum, but trailing Scott in the general election polls. She talks pretty much like a Democrat, but when pressed on issues like marriage equality, she clams-up and falls-back on previous statements to the effect that she's "pro-equality", "pro-civil unions" and "ANTI-gay marriage". Like President Obama, she's trying to bait the LGBT community into supporting her half-hearted endorsement of LGBT equality.

Brian P. Moore, Democrat, former Socialist party Presidential candidate, 2008. Pffft. No chance of winning against ANY of the top three. Not even worth talking about.

John Wayne Smith, Libertarian. No chance.

Michael E. Arth, Farid Khavari, Lawton "Bud" Chiles, Daniel Imperato and Calvin Clarence "CC" Reed, NPA. The only one from this group with a semi-realistic chance of attracting votes is Chiles, mainly due to name recognition. His late father was the much beloved Democratic former Governor, Lawton Mainor Chiles, Jr. However, like Alex Sink, he talks about LGBT equality, but is pro-civil union, anti-gay marriage.

There are two other "write in" candidates who don't show up on any political radar, so I won't even bother to name them here.

Some choices, huh? Two, typically hateful Republicans, running predictable campaigns of fear Only one realistic Democrat/other, whose support of a major constituency is half hearted at best. I'll stay home this year. I refuse to be hostage to the Democrats based on their half-hearted support of me. Should Ms. Sink change her tune and come-out in support of full marriage equality, I'll support her. If not, I'll take my chances with the hateful Republicans.

It's up to you, Alex Sink. If you want to win, you'll go pro-Equality. The state's LGBTQ constituency can do it for you. All you have to do is be fully supportive of us.

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