Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I like my Activists ACTIVE. . . PRO-Active, to be Precise!

Not too long ago I became a follower of the Bilerico Project, a LGBT blog publisher based in Indianapolis. I hooked-up with them on faith that they were, as advertised, LGBT activists. I've been astonished, though, at how counterproductive their "activism" is to the Equal Rights Movement. No, not all their bloggers (I happen to be a big fan of Waymon Hudson and some others), but the leadership along with a few of their most vocal negativists. When it comes to our equal rights I'm not going to drop ANY of the equality issues because a few of them are satisfied with our second-class citizenship. I'm NOT going to work against nationally renown LGBT leaders and try to thwart their heroic efforts.

I'm not suggesting what action you, my friends, should take. But if you agree with me, I hope you'll let Bilerico Project know that you're dissatisfied with their brand of leadership/activism. I've chosen to discontinue association (Twitter, Facebook, subscription) with the organization. What you do can only be decided in your own heart.

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