Friday, June 12, 2009

Tired of the 'Lip Service'

Enough is enough.

I'll not belabor the point that Hillary Clinton was the better candidate for equal rights for the LGBT Community. A large portion of our peers threw their support behind Barack Obama, including the much heralded Human Rights Campaign (of which I'm a former member) and gave Obama the nomination, hence the Presidency. So, I've learned to "suck it up" and hope for the best (knowing all along that Obama was no-more a friend to the LGBT Community than, say, John McCain).

Today the Obama Administration managed to win points with the radical right, while allowing itself to stay at arms length of the issue, by having the Department of Justice move for the dismissal of the first challenge to the attrocious Defense of Marriage Act. Make no mistake: it was the DoJ that filed, but the Obama Whitehouse sets the policies carried out by the DoJ.

The time has come for our community to sit down and stop being counted. Let politicians everywhere, of all stripes, know that you're not giving one red cent to their campaigns. Tell them that they'll have to find someone else to staff their phone banks, knock on doors, paste stickers on their Hybrids and, in general, do the legwork of a political campaign. Tell 'em you're not their patsy anymore! Let them know, once and for all, that untill they do right by us, they're not getting one trace of support from the LGBT Community. I helped turn my county and my state blue for the first time in years. . . and, by-gadfrey, I can help turn it red again, just by discouraging my fellow LGBT members from getting involved.

I'm not just talking about Representatives and Senators, either. Alex Sink could use my help getting the big office in Tallahassee. But she's not getting it until she helps defeat anti gay laws in Florida. Similarly, there are Democrats all over my state, my county, and my precinct who could use my help and my vote. Nope. Not a chance until they take action toward positive change for LGBTs of their constituencies.

Promises just won't do, anymore. It's going to take action.

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